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By Justin Ko

A Day Trip to Yilan

On a rainy Saturday morning I joined Megan, Audrey, Antser, Joslyn, and Phoebe on a day trip to Yilan. Found in Yilan County on the Taiwan's eastern coast, and located just southeast of Taipei, it took us approximately 1 hour and 30 minitues by bus to reach Yilan. It certainly was not the longest trip.

Sunnyfounder's platform is by and large a community-centric platform that increases the accessibility of solar energy to all members of society. Following this principle, Sunnyfounder regularly engages with local communities throughout Taiwan to educate people on the ways they can reduce their own carbon footprint by transitioning into clean, sustainable sources of energy, such as solar, while also presenting the opportunities and benefits that Sunnyfounder's platform provides.

As one of the founders of Sunnyfounder, Phoebe (pictured above) often gives presentations, seminars, and lectures to various local communities throughout Taiwan to educate people on the need to transition into renewable, sustainable energy, specifically solar, while also presenting Sunnyfounder's crowdfunding platform as a way to participate.

Phoebe's presentation to a local community in Yilan City

After Phoebe's presentation, we took a lunch break and met back at the community center and joined the members of the local community on a tour of their solar powered compost and fertilizer system that they have set up. The local community were utilizing solar panels not to generate electricity for household usage per se, but to power their compost and fertilizer systems. They even had visuals that illustrate how this process works (pictured below)

Certainly, there are many different ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Even more so, there are many different routes that can be taken in leading more sustainable lives, as exemplified by the local community's fertilizer/compost system in Yilan. There are many considerations that must be taken when we begin to seriously change how we traditionally consume energy. In this specific case of Yilan, the local community saw its local rural geography as the starting point for its sustainable energy transition.

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